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Ningbo QiXing Pneumatic Technology Co., Ltd. is a powerful enterprise integrating Research and Development, Production, and Trading with a history of 20 years. We are located in Ningbo Zhejiang, on the eastern coast of China. With Convenient transportation and rich resources. We have advanced production equipment and experienced product design and production. In 2003, we began to do research and manufacturing based on pneumatic connectors. After nearly 20 years of development, we have formed many special product lines which mainly consist of BRASS DOT FITTINGS, DOT ferrule connectors, PUSH-IN fittings, and composite fittings. The product is diversified in shape including in-line straight, right-angle, threaded, three-way T-type, and ordinary comprehensive series fittings. We also make customized products for our customers from all over the world according to their samples and pictures. Now, QiXing is professional China Brass Pagoda Joints Manufacturers and Custom Copper Barbed Fittings Factory. On the other hand, we have advanced technology and strong management. Based on the principles of quality and technological innovation, Improving technology and production continually leads our products to sell well in the US and European markets.
Our company promises that we can offer short production cycles, high quality and reasonable price products, and great service in pre-sales and after-sales.In terms of cooperation, we are based on the principle of meeting customer needs and acting with integrity. We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries soon. We look forward to working with you for a better tomorrow!

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Copper Barbed Fittings Industry knowledge

Features of Copper Barbed Fittings

Copper Barbed Fittings are a widely used pipe fitting made of copper and have many unique features that make them popular.
First, copper barbed fittings have excellent corrosion resistance. Copper itself has corrosion resistance and can resist erosion by various media such as water, gas and chemicals. This allows copper barbed fittings to maintain good performance in various environments and extend their service life.
Second, copper barbed fittings are made of high-strength copper materials that can withstand high pressure and tension. This allows them to provide reliable connections in pipe systems and withstand certain external loads and vibrations.
In addition, copper is an excellent thermal conductor with good thermal conductivity. copper barbed fittings can quickly transfer heat to the surrounding environment, thereby maintaining a stable temperature in the pipe system. This is very important in some applications that require temperature control, such as heating and air conditioning systems.
copper barbed fittings are very easy to install. Just insert the pipe into the barbed wire part of the fitting. When inserted, the barbed wire will be firmly fixed to the pipe to form a stable connection. This installation method does not require additional tools or welding, so it is more convenient and economical.
In addition, copper barbed fittings are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet different needs. Whether it is a small household pipe or a large industrial pipe, you can find a suitable copper barbed wire fitting. This diversity makes them suitable for a variety of applications and meet the needs of different scenarios.
In addition, copper barbed fittings are reusable. If you need to replace the pipe or make repairs, just disassemble the fitting and it will not be damaged when used again. This reduces the cost of maintenance and replacement and improves the overall benefit.
The copper barbed fittings are designed with barbed wire, which can provide good sealing performance. When the pipe is inserted into the fitting, the barbed wire penetrates the pipe wall and forms a tight connection, effectively preventing leakage. This sealing performance makes copper barbed fittings very reliable in liquid and gas transmission.
Finally, copper barbed fittings have good high temperature resistance and can maintain stable performance in high temperature environments. This makes them suitable for some applications that need to withstand high temperatures, such as automotive engine cooling systems and industrial high-temperature pipes.

Installation Method of Copper Barbed Fittings

Copper barbed fittings are a commonly used pipe connector used to safely connect copper pipes and other components together. Before installing copper barbed fittings, some preparation work needs to be done.
First, make sure the sizes of the pipe and fitting match. Before purchasing copper barbed fittings, you need to confirm the size of the pipe and choose a fitting that matches it. Make sure that the barbed wire part of the fitting matches the diameter of the pipe to ensure a good connection.
Second, prepare tools and materials. The tools and materials required to install copper barbed fittings include: pipe cutters, deburring tools, lubricants (such as silicone grease), stainless steel hose clamps or compression rings, etc.
Next is the step of cutting the pipe. Use a pipe cutter to measure and cut out the required length of copper pipe. Make sure the cut is neat, square, and does not have any burrs or sharp edges. This helps ensure that the fitting can be properly inserted into the pipe and form a tight connection.
Then comes the step of deburring. Use a deburring tool to remove any sharp edges or burrs from the end of the cut pipe. This step is very important because burrs can affect the insertion and sealing performance of the fitting. Make sure the end of the pipe is smooth and flat so that it fits tightly with the fitting.
Next is the step of lubricating the fitting. Apply a thin layer of lubricant, such as silicone grease, to the copper barbed wire fitting. Lubricants reduce friction between the fitting and the pipe, making it easier to insert the fitting into the pipe and forming a tight seal. Make sure the lubricant is evenly distributed on the barbed wire portion of the fitting.
Next is the step of inserting the pipe. Slide the pipe into the barbed wire portion of the copper barbed wire fitting until it reaches the stop or the desired depth. Make sure the pipe is fully installed on the fitting without any gaps. You can gently rotate the pipe by hand during insertion to ensure that the barbed wire between the fitting and the pipe is fully engaged.
Next is the step of clamping the pipe. Use a stainless steel hose clamp or compression ring to secure the pipe to the copper barbed wire fitting. Tighten the clamp securely to ensure a tight, leak-free connection. The clamping force should be moderate, not too tight to cause deformation or damage to the pipe, and too loose to cause leakage.
Finally, there is the step of checking the connection. After installation, check whether the connection between the fitting and the pipe is secure and sealed. You can use a pressure test device or apply soapy water to check for gas or liquid leaks. If a leak is found, you need to recheck and adjust the connection to ensure safety and reliability.